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Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP) – Session 03

30 Oct 2023

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Welcome to the third session of the Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP).

The Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP) is a knowledge-sharing initiative designed for individuals who work in the electricity markets. The Electricity Markets Training Program aims to impart the knowledge required to perform better in their domains concerning electricity markets. This program ensures that professionals remain knowledgeable about industry concepts, developments, and best practices.

In this session, we will cover the basics of economic optimization of the power system including supply stack, marginal operating cost, congestion, dispatch constraints, ancillary services, resource adequacy and planning reserve margins, levelized cost of electricity and types of capacity. We hope you enjoy this session and find it informative.

Click on the link below to access the presentations and watch the “Session 03 – Economic Optimization of the Power System” recording on YouTube.