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Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP) – Session 06

26 Feb 2024

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Welcome to the sixth session of the Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP).

The Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP) is a knowledge-sharing initiative designed for individuals who work in the electricity markets. The purpose of the Electricity Markets Training Program is to impart the requisite knowledge required to perform better in their domains concerning electricity markets. This program ensures that professionals remain knowledgeable about industry concepts, developments, and best practices.

Session 06 of the EMTP focuses on the intricacies of complex electricity markets for trading energy. This session is your gateway to understanding the multifaceted mechanisms that drive today’s energy economy. Tailored for a diverse audience, from industry professionals seeking to deepen their expertise to newcomers eager to explore the energy market’s dynamics, this training offers a deep dive into the advanced aspects of electricity markets. Led by industry experts, we will explore the nuances of market design, operation, and regulation that ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of electricity.

With EMTP’s commitment to excellence in education and professional development, this session promises not just to enlighten but also to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to navigate and influence the complex electricity markets confidently.

Click on the link below to watch the recording of the “EMTP – Session 06 – Complex Electricity Markets” on YouTube.