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Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP) – Session 05

29 Jan 2024

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Welcome to the fifth session of the Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP).

The Electricity Markets Training Program (EMTP) is a knowledge-sharing initiative designed for individuals who work in the electricity markets. The Electricity Markets Training Program aims to impart the knowledge required to perform better in their domains concerning electricity markets. This program ensures that professionals remain knowledgeable about industry concepts, developments, and best practices.

Session 05 of the EMTP focuses on the intricacies of bilateral contracts and covers the organized markets for trading energy. This session will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of energy trading over exchanges, the workings of power pools, multi-settlement markets, and pricing systems. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of energy markets and make informed decisions in this dynamic and exciting industry.

Click on the link below to access the recording and slide decks of “Session 05 – Electricity Markets – Design and Operations” on YouTube.