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A “Regional Energy Hub” for a Global Transition to a Low-carbon Economy

Originally published in APEx Newsletter Volume XXII – September 2022


The global transition to a low-carbon energy economy needs to capture the flexibility of technological developments (from solar PV development and battery storage to the deployment of small modular reactors) but also the changes in the social, environmental, and governmental requirements for a sustainable energy future. We capture this transition from a broad perspective that includes geopolitical, economic, environmental, and financial parameters of a newly-defined concept known as the Regional Energy Hub (REH).

The global transition to a low-carbon energy economy needs to capture the…

Indian Energy Exchange Energy Markets to Lead Transformation in the New Decade

Originally published in APEx Newsletter Volume XXI – June 2022.

Indian Energy Exchange is India’s first and largest power exchange offering participants an automated platform to trade in Electricity, Renewable Energy Certificates and Energy Saving Certificates. The exchange enables competitive and efficient price discovery, increases the accessibility and transparency of the power market and enhances the speed and efficiency of trade execution. The Exchange is certified for quality management, Information Security Management and environment management and is a listed Company on the Indian stock exchanges – NSE and BSE.

Working relentlessly over the last 12 years, IEX…